Deval Creations

Deval Creations

Family Clothing Store

About The Chairman
Deval Paronawala, Chairman At Deval Creations.

From an early age, he saw the building up of textile capabilities, the diversification of its product base, and emergence which gave birth to the business idea. From specializing in sourcing & supplying quality textile raw materials across the world, today his efforts have let the company be one of the leading importers of silk fabrics. His contagious zeal has let fashion companies across the globe entrust the brand with their development needs. Later his idea gave birth to the brand, Deval Creations which has achieved a remarkable presence as a manufacturer & exporter in Women’s Ethnic Wear.

About The Directors
Deval & Bharat Joined The Family Business Alongside A Very Passionate Team Led By His Father. These second-generation entrepreneurs went on to study overseas and started their pioneering careers with Deval Creations in 2007. It is an omnichannel approach to business development & brand building that has enabled them to create a seamless, integrated & unique experience for their customers through its various touchpoints.
To be a company that is a benchmark in the Indian fashion industry for its offerings and experiences.
To be a preferred company of choice in Indian fashion globally for its delightful customer service, and quality product offerings by constantly evolving using innovation and design.
DEVAL Store:
Mahalaxmi Society-1, Near Rayka Circle, Bamroli Road, Surat – 394210
Tel: +91 8200603196
Opening Hours – 11am to 8.30pm – All days Open.
(Flagship, Bridal Couture, Ready-To-Wear & Occasion Wear)
Email : devalcreations8756@gmail.com

Customer Care:

Phone+91 8200603196  |
whats up+91 8200603196  |
Company Registered Address: Deval Creations. 30,1ST FLOOR
Mahalaxmi Society-1, Near Rayka Circle, Bamroli Road, Surat – 394210
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